• Are you sure this isn’t a knock-off? 

One thousand percent! Every item in our store goes through an authentication process to ensure the authenticity of your purchase protection. We will never sell any fakes, imitations, or knock-offs! That’s our promise to you or your money back.

  • How can you sell designer items so cheap? 

Our beautiful designer items may have originated from luxury department stores like Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and even Harrod’s. Some items are overstock, store returns, or past season merchandise, while others have small damages like a snag, missing button, or makeup stain. High-end stores can’t sell these, and we pass them on to you for bargain bottom prices! 

  • How often do you get new arrivals? 
New items are on our store racks every Sunday around the year. They will constantly be updated on the website.
  • What exactly is vintage? 
Vintage items are 20 years or older. The amazing workmanship of these pieces, some by retired talented designers, are hard to find in today’s mass-production era. The detailed designs and beautiful tailoring make them exceptionally special. Many are deadstock pieces from high-end stores, but some may have been previously owned. 
  • What is the condition of pre-owned items? 
Pre-owned items have been previously owned but not necessarily worn. We take great care in only stocking clothes that look pristine, and we repair and clean them whenever necessary. 
  • What is the condition of your vintage clothing? 
Authentic vintage items have had a past, and unless they are deadstock, assume that they may have been used. As far as condition goes, our vintage items are the crème of the crop. Most of our inventory is in flawless or near flawless condition. If you regularly shop for vintage garments, then you know how rare it is to find items in this condition. We also clean every vintage piece that is in need of a freshening up. We do not sell clothing that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. If repairs do have to be made, they’re not noticeable and do not affect the appearance or wearability of the garment.
If you prefer your clothes to be in unworn mint condition, then authentic vintage clothing may not be for you. In that case, we offer beautiful brand new designer pieces, too!
  • Can you get something in my size?
The authentic vintage clothing we sell is one of a kind, and for the most part, once they sell, they are no longer available. There is a slight chance that we may be able to get a current designer piece in a different size. You can always contact us, and we’ll try to find it for you!
  • I’m looking for something special, but I don’t see it on your site.
Please let us know if there is something, in particular, you are looking for. We always have items in stock that aren’t listed on the site yet. Also, if you give us enough notice, we will do our best to find what you’re looking for even if we don’t have it in stock. 
  • I have many designer things; do you want to buy it? 
We’re sure they’re great items, but at this point, we don’t buy any merchandise from private individuals.
  • Do you have a store we can shop in?
Yes! Come visit our magnificent boutique for the full Handpicked experience at The Kennedy Mall. 29 Kennedy Drive, Spring Valley NY 10977
  • Is there any way I can know when you add new stock or have sales?
We are constantly updating the site, so if you don’t feel like checking in every day, you can subscribe to our email list if you want to know about special sales or important store news. We also announce new arrivals on our Instagram page so make sure you follow us @handpicked_inc
  • How do I know if what I buy will fit me?
It is very important that you understand the measurements of the items. We want you to be thrilled with your products from Handpicked! Each designer brand runs differently, and especially with vintage, remember that sizing has changed over the years, and you will need to check the measurement details of the product you want to buy. We provide you with as much detail as possible to help. You can look at our Size Guide.