Welcome to Handpicked!

As a lover of all things beautiful, I’ve always been enamored by the magic and mystery of vintage.

As a kid, I’d spend hours looking through my grandmother’s huge collection of old buttons, beads, and endless yards of lace, and I’d sift through my father’s old letters to snip the cool stamps. One of my favorite pastimes is scouting out antique shops and admiring magnificent 18th century furniture (preferably French!), luxurious vintage tableware, and turn-of-the-century clothes. Besides being fascinated and nostalgic by its mysterious link to the past, I’m awed and wonderstruck by the amazing detail and supreme splendor in these sublime pieces. 


Today, you can only find artistry like that in very expensive, luxury items. And even then, the old-world charm is not always there. But for most, living a life of luxury is not attainable, and for me, living a life without all that inspirational art and beauty was just an incredibly dull proposition. 


And I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

And so, Handpicked was born. An entrancing place that’s part museum, part store, Handpicked became the enchanted nook for all art and beauty lovers. Housed in a modern-day vintage-looking space, current luxury-label dresses made of the highest quality materials and perfect tailoring, hang alongside gorgeous vintage laces and breathtaking beaded masterpieces. Plush vintage mink stoles and buttery soft cashmere complement modern tulles, taffetas, and trimmings.

Each is a piece of art; a dreamy, true beauty. 

And most importantly? It’s at a price point that most can afford. Because you’ll find exquisite items out there, but we need to be able to buy it and enjoy it, too!
Many have made Handpicked their weekly outing where they enjoy to browse the latest new-arrivals and admire the workmanship and brilliance. It’s a pleasure to watch people inhale with appreciation while fingering the quality fabrics and cherishing the hard-to-find elegance. The most popular sentiment shared in the store is: These are REAL clothes! Where can we find Real clothes these days? 

Indeed, they are.

Each of our items is hand-picked for its own unique beauty and style. I search far and wide in my effort to continually offer you only the best in authentic vintage and designer luxury at affordable prices, and I’m always on the hunt in order to bring you fabulously chic and unique, one of a kind pieces that you won't find anywhere else because they are the genuine article from the past. Whether you're a true vintage collector or want to stand out from the crowd in something unique, there's an array of gems in our selection. 
Whether it’s a full wardrobe or a single piece, I hope you find your own treasures here to pass down to your granddaughter one day.

Happy Shopping, 
Blimy Wassertheil